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Our Polaris application allows you to monitor up to 100 of your critical devices. Your data can then be exported via CSV or PDF formats. Unlike our competitors, it's your data and information collected is available with the standard CSV format.
Polaris state of the art software no longer needs the use of databases which are prone to table crashes, corruption and the usual 100% server CPU load. It is one less thing that "you" the administrator will need to worry about.

Product Features
Automatic Group Assignment Notification Support Notification Event Logging
Standard SNMP MIB-2 Support Professional Reports Custom Datalog Directory
Network Latency PDF & CSV Exports Pause/Restart Polling
Memory Utilization Custom Polling Intervals Runs in Background
CPU Utilization Bandwidth Utilization Network Events
Database Independent Device Uptime Device Reachability
          Much much more!
Hardware Requirements  
Intel Pentium 1,2 GHz
Only 10 MB free hard drive space!
256 MB RAM available
System Requirements (.NET 2.0 Framework)
Windows Vista 32bit/64bit
Windows XP 32bit/64bit
Windows 2003 Server/Workstation
Windows 2000 Server/Workstation SP4+
Awards and Certifications
Our product has received these awards and can be found at these sites.

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Polaris Support
All purchased products receive 1 year full support for all bug fixes and updates. Unlike our competitors, if we provide a major release within your 1 year support, you will be able to fully take advantage of the new features without having to purchase a new license. ClearDelta has once again innovated the network management business as well as support features.
30 Day Money Guarantee
Our mission is to provide small-to-medium sized businesses the ability to manage their networks without paying the high costs of network management products on the market. We are confident that even beyond the 14 day trial period, if you are not satisifed with our product and support, we will refund your purchase.
  For more information or help with your purchase, please contact Customer Support.


Our CDSC hosting platform is one of the most innovative network management services to exist. With a central view of all networks (via our secure web portal) resellers and network consultants can easily and quickly monitor their customers networks.

Our SSL-based agents provide further support for security. This provides end-to-end SSL security.

Our engineers and development team work closely to ensure all-around knowledge in our products and service. We continue to provide updates and newly-added features that push the edge of technology.

Hosting Features
14 Day Trial
Automatic Provisioning
Supports Servers/Workstations/Laptops
SNMP-based Monitoring(agentless)
Agent-based Monitoring(CDSC)
Uptime & Availability
CPU Utilization
Memory Utilization
Bandwidth Utilization
Disk Utilization
Network & Individual Events Log
Running Services/Programs
Can monitor DHCP?
Secure Remote Access
Free system updates
IE and FF browser plugins
Threshold-based Email Alerts
Comprehensive Reporting
Custom Schedules & Email Groups
Remote Reboots
Morning Reports
Standard Availability Notifications
Port Monitoring
Device Licensing
Limited to 5 Devices
Based on Terms
Application Monitoring (native support)    
Microsoft MS SQL

Browser Plugins!
You use your browser 90% of the time, why not allow it to alert you of your network status!
Our systems are 100% compatible with Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Firefox! This means your critical network can be viewed safely from anywhere you have access to the internet. Information is centralized without the need to VPN into your network which cannot always be counted on.

CDActive for Firefox v1.0.1 (available now)
Provides basic up/down status for your network devices.
Used as an addon feature for the Firefox browser.

CDActive for IE v.1.0.0 (beta - January 2009 release)
Provides basic up/down status for your network devices.
Used as an addon feature for the Internet Explorer browser.

For more information or help with your purchase, please contact Customer Support.


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